Tuesday, November 20, 2007

a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has offered thoughts and prayers.

my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer this morning. i've been told countless times today that "it's not the death sentence it once was," and while i know these people mean nothing but the best, it's not exactly comforting.

she is meeting with a surgeon for a consult next week and likely will have surgery shortly thereafter.

right now? right now this is all so surreal. like i'm detached from the whole thing. i know that being there for her and being supportive is what she needs and i will do that the best i can.

let's hope things look up soon, mmm?

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  1. I am so sorry.

    It is true that with early detection, survival rates are now incredible. Of course, that doesn't really make that scary "cancer" word sound any better. I remember watching my brother go through chemo and radiation (had a brain tumor 10 yrs ago, is completely healthy now) and it was not fun. Though I do hear that treatments now are way better, much less harsh on the body.

    I wish all the best to your mother, and your entire family. She has a rough road ahead of her, I'm sure, but am also just as sure that she'll be able to get through treatment and get past this.