Tuesday, November 27, 2007


i hemmed and hawed about participating in NoBloShoeMo this year. actually, i didn't give it much thought until the month already started, then i was thinking, "oh, but i don't have nearly enough shoes do complete it without repeats!"

uh, i was wrong.

i have more than enough shoes (wait, there's no such thing as "enough shoes!") to go thirty days without repeats. that i've already purchased three new pairs this month (way to go, nordstrom half-yearly!) and am well on my way to buying another today (yay for DSW coupons given to you by your bestest friend that make shoes practically free!) [aside: this has got to be a record of sorts -- using parenthesis THREE times in a teeny paragraph?! /aside]

wanna see what i've bought lately? (it was a rhetorical question)

had to give this diesel pair a try, if only because they were such
a good deal (cheaper at macy's) and pretty darn comfy

but the truth of the matter is that i just can't be arsed to photograph my shoes on a daily basis, then post 'em. so i've only done it once.

but what's humorous about the whole thing to me is that the particular saturday morning on which i took this pic i was lamenting that i didn't have any brown sneakers. a quick look-through of the ol' closet revealed that yes, i indeed had brown sneakers that had never been worn. ooops. when i was in hawaii earlier this year we stumbled upon the greatest deals at foot locker, of all places. between their already marked-down shoes and my friend's cousin's discount, i walked away with these bad boys and their twin in black for a cool $17 a pair. had i not been blinded by DISCOUNTS! i would have purchased a few more pairs to sell on eBay to fund my shoe addiction.

cause, really? let's face it. it really is an addiction. and one for which i'm not ready to accept help.


  1. NICE deal on the pumas! Those things cost nearly $100 over here.

    Love the black kitten heels, I had a pair like that from Payless that I completely wore out b/c I loved them so much. =)

  2. I just went through my closet and got rid of a lot of shoes... now I need to buy some more.

    Hope you are doing well... I had to move my blog to wordpress. I couldn't get the RSS feed to work on blogger. Don't know exactly why! http://ordinarymiracle.wordpress.com