Monday, November 19, 2007

jump the shark

i was originally a fan of the ironic t-shirt fad, but i'm pretty certain that ship has sailed. not just because i'm tired of them, but because the best way to know a fad has ended is when people the fad was not geared toward start to participate in said fad.

picture this, if you will: a stroller-pushing, heavy-set, middle-aged caucasian woman wearing this

tight in all the wrong places. can you picture it? well i saw it live and in the flesh, so to speak. do you think she knew that it was an album reference "cleverly" disguised by some wizard at a t-shirt company?

i think it's pretty safe to say it's jumped the shark.

1 comment:

  1. lol... I thought something similar when I was at the mall one day and saw a very dowdily dressed middle aged mom (as in, wearing too-short "mom-jeans", etc) with an LV purse. The bag... the clothes... the woman... it just didn't fit.