Tuesday, February 05, 2008

super fat tuesday

super tuesday + fat tuesday = super fat tuesday.

i'm watching "eddie murphy raw" right now. i remember it coming out in 1987 and knowing i wanted to see it, if only because my parents said i couldn't.

i'm pretty sure lewis black ate at one of my restaurants today. i mean, the guy looked like him, sounded like him, so it must be him, right? sadly i didn't have the courage to ask, and neither did the person who pointed him out to me.

i did recognize ronnie lott when he came in just before christmas to a different location of mine. that was cool, seeing a childhood hero, in the flesh, downing a corona light with his daughter.

the cake decorating class is over. it turned out to be lots of fun, i only wish the "final" was on a weekend so i could have dedicated more time to making sure my cake looked as good as possible.
the decorating process:

official frosting tester

i absolutely love that shade of blue

it looks easier than it was
finished product

speaking of food, i cooked a mean dinner last night: pasta with goat cheese and asparagus. i used the last of the white elbow macaroni, but i feel like it would have been better with whole wheat. next time!

to be put in the oven

pasta with goat cheese and asparagus
ready to eat

i like eddie murphy ("trading places" is one of my favorite movies) but i'm pretty sure i've only managed a chuckle twice during the past 40 minutes of this routine. let's hope the second half is funnier than the first.


  1. Those cake frosting flowers look good!

    Mmm...asparagus and pasta. I'm sure it tastes as good as it looks.

  2. Trading Places was/is a family favorite. We actually had a copy of it, that we had copied on this player that did slow play (so you could stretch the use of a 4 hour tape to something like 6 hours...)...anyhoo, then that player didn't work anymore, so we had a slow play version of Trading Places, and only normal play player, so the film would last something like 45 minutes...it was all in fastforward, but slow enough that you could understand everything. My brother and I actually really enjoyed watching the movie like that, because we knew the whole script anyways...in fact, right now one of the lines comes to me right now: "Pork bellies! I knew it, I knew it!" A friend of mine just recently gave me a DVD version of it...can't wait to relive it all again!

  3. OH MY GOD! That pasta/asparagus/goat cheese mix looks SOOO good! Teach me the ways of the cook, master!