Wednesday, February 20, 2008

too bad, so sad

ah, yes. it appears i've chosen too soon.

certainly, i knew the risks of choosing a format during the so-called "format wars." this is not to say i don't fully enjoy my HD-DVD player and its capabilities, only to say that it will likely be a long time coming before i purchase a Blu-ray player.


  1. Boo hoo....I am sorry that your choice was not what others did.....but it is also fun to be an early adopter too.

  2. 10 free HDDVDs = not a bad purchase, plus you would have paid a similar amount for an upconverting dvd player anyways. I'm contemplating getting an HD-A3 from Toshiba if the price dips much lower. Ironically enough, the analysts are predicting the price of Blu Ray players will go up soon under the guise of version 2.0 hardware. Number one reason I wished HDDVD won? Theirs was a finished product; 1.0 = the one and only. Blu Ray has been nothing but "Coming SOON". Oh well, Sony has won back their pride from the Betamax and MiniDisc debacles I suppose.