Sunday, June 08, 2008


it feels like my weekends are getting shorter.

friday night i did a whole lot of nothing, after buying my sister a wedding planning binder and heading to trader joe's. while at TJs, i discovered they have kettle corn in a bag that is to die for! i gorged myself on nearly half a bag and felt so sick that i turned down two invitations to have dinner and hang out. lesson learned.

saturday i was up at the crack of 6a for some reason, meaning i got pretty much no sleep. i went to a photo fair i read about but it was a total bust. it was a $5 entrance fee with the coupon, and i walked the entire thing in 10 minutes and found nothing i was looking for (polaroid film and camera accessories). on the way home i happened upon (supposedly) the last ritz camera with spectra film, and scored a two pack, which was all the had. my stockpile continues to grow.

i met my sister and her fiance on the peninsula to look at two wedding venues. the first was gorgeous, but way too small for what their needs are. the second is decent and now their first choice. she did exactly what i knew she'd do -- look at two, decide one was good enough, and be settled. i'm the exact opposite -- if i haven't looked at 500 places and left no rock unturned, then there could possibly be something better. surely there is some middle ground between us. but because it isn't my wedding, i said i thought they should look at at least one more place before forking over the deposit, and nothing more. we had lunch afterwards, and lots of laughing and fun ensued as we headed to the sporting goods store nearby and her fiance was riding skateboards around the store. he is 25 going on 5.

i came home and got ready to meet Angie to head to yoshis to see orchestra baobab perform. i'd been there years ago when i was dating andy but we'd only gone for the show. this time i was ready for sushi saturday and we feasted on pretty much the whole menu. the toro nigiri was delicious, as was the rest of what we ordered. the show was so great! they have so much energy, and for a venue that usually seems to attract stiff-collared jazz patrons, the place was rocking. many of the audience members got up to dance freely in the narrow aisles and the whole diverse crowd reminded me so much of the "chapelle's show" skit:

folks definitely had their favorite rhythms. we also sat at a table with a woman who could've been heylia james' twin sister. she threw out barbs, looks and judgments that would make her "twin" sister proud.

on the way home traffic was pretty bad, and it was due to an accident. as we were driving by Angie and i both looked over to see the poor man's splayed dead body lying there. the coroner had just arrived and hadn't yet draped the body. the image has been haunting me all day.

today was spent lounging in the morning, followed by hanging with Vanessa all day. we had lunch and went all around taking photos. i got some good shots of an old movie theater, and we hung out and watched planes takeoff and land at SFO for a bit. it's amazing how much i enjoy the little things like that. we have plans to hang out again tomorrow and friday night we'll head to SF for a movie night. yay!

my internet connection has been less than desirable lately, so i tweaked some minor things and it's running smoothly now. i also finally fixed my wireless network, and it's finally secure.

minor victories every day.

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  1. For a "short" weekend it sure sounds like you did a lot. ; )

    Zach had a goal to go watch the boats come in and out of SF bay. Didn't get around to it before we move, but we'll be back again soon enough...