Tuesday, June 03, 2008

give it time

despite not being able to remember what exactly i've been up to lately, i've been keeping busy.

our condo's annual meeting was last week, and i was elected to the board. [bunch of stuff redacted for fear of prying eyes.]

i was stuck at a work event saturday morning/early afternoon, an annual event that i dread. we've been a minor sponsor of a show since its inception three years ago, and each year i swear i won't do it again. this year i mean it. i use it to build our catering business, but this year was by far the worst -- there were no local buinsesspeople there, which is our target market. i provided free food on a much, much smaller scale than last year and am certain i didn't make any solid contacts. the good news is we've had several large catering orders within the last week and one coming up on thursday. my current focus is our catering business, and it's nice to see my efforts paying off.

the giants are no longer aired on our local FOX affiliate, which blows because it's one of the few HD channels i get over the air. they now play on our NBC affiliate, but because of other programming it's shown on another channel half the time. i don't get said other channel, as i no longer have cable. so it means that to get my baseball fix i'm currently being forced to watch *gulp* the A's. look -- they're advertising jobs in the oakland police department!

i saw "sex and the city" friday night like so many others. Lisa, Sarah, Julia and i made it a night out and ate at la fondue. they serve so much food, and we all left stuffed to the gills. their menu has some wild game on it, and i tried crocodile for the first time, as well as ostrich and buffalo. for someone who was a vegetarian for 15 years and who still doesn't eat beef, this was quite a feat. it could have been the complimentary shots they bring you that made me so adventurous. the movie was kind-of "meh," i'm pretty sure i'm over that stage of my life in liking "sex and the city."

the most exciting news is that i'm going to boston with my friend Greta in august. we're going to be there for my birthday and the red sox play at home on my actual birthday so i set out to purchase tickets. i tried their website, but none were available, so i called their ticket office. turns out they've been sold out for-EVER and my only hope was to call back at the end of july and hope they had some tickets left over, originally intended for the press to be released to the public. i tried stubhub, but i didn't think paying $65 for STANDING ROOM ONLY tickets was appropriate, world series champs, my birthday, or not, plus their fees. so i found some on eBay, from a seller with 100% positive feedback and about a gazillion feedback in general, and now have two bleacher (ouch) seats for a mere $109 with shipping (ouch) in my possession. i've never been to boston, and c'mon, it's fenway. ON MY BIRTHDAY.

did i mention i like baseball?

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  1. Give the A's a chance, you might decide they are a fun young team to watch and become a fan. :)

    Also, we enjoyed the tour of Fenway. They have them every 1/2 an hour before the game starts. The last tour of the day gets kind of ripped off, so make sure you don't take the last one. But, it was a cool tour, you learn a lot of the history and I really enjoyed it.