Thursday, June 12, 2008

sushi mania

i never told you about the sushi making class i took in april!

this was, of course, before samantha jones in the "sex and the city" movie made sushi truly, erm, edible.

the class was so much fun! not only did we learn from true sushi chefs, but we also got an etiquette lesson ("never place your chopsticks up and down in a bowl of rice -- it's a symbol of death," among others).

and the best part was that we got to eat our creations.

this was made by one of the chefs right before our eyes from fresh bamboo growing outside the restaurant. none of that fake grass stuff here!

tuna handroll

all the good stuff

tuna and salmon skinny roll, in process

tuna and salmon skinny roll

tuna and avocado inside-out roll, in progress

inside-out roll

kani and tobiko


i've never left a class so delightfully stuffed. now i just have to try my hand at making them at home...

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  1. i still have sushi rice in my kitchen..I need a roller!! Those look so yum. Makes me want sushi!!!