Thursday, September 25, 2008

full frame

have i mentioned how i've been living lately? vacations, mini-trips, adventures, shopping, photography, a baseball game, DISNEYLAND, and a massage.

let me tell you about the highlight of last week.

it was a tough week, and tuesday stretched on forever. i'd been committing to too many things lately, in addition to crazy work stuff, and trying to cram everything in to just 4 days last week was stressful. i'm glad i randomly booked a couple of hours here last tuesday afternoon. they had a tub and a massage that fit my schedule perfectly, and it was pretty much exactly what i needed. i'd only been to the tubs there once before and the room i got then wasn't nearly as rad as the one i got on tuesday -- a steam shower, a hot tub and a cold plunge bath. and it pretty much looked like my ideal bathroom -- huge, bright and airy with a gorgeous skylight.

i tubbed it for an hour, then had an hour hot stone massage, and it was quite likely the best massage i've ever had. the last couple of massages i had there weren't spectacular, so this was definitely redeeming. i chose watercourse way because i was feeling especially passive-aggressive and decided to use up the rest of a gift certificate my mother had given me years ago that i told her a few weeks ago i'd give her the rest of. she's been working my last nerve lately (we cannot discuss politics, but she doesn't stop trying to push my buttons) and i decided to hell with it, i'm using the rest of it. indian giver!


  1. Oh what a charmed life you leave these days.... I am going to have to live vicariously through you!

  2. I went here last year with my office for our "Christmas party". Such a great place.