Tuesday, September 09, 2008

last night a dj saved my life

About the time my then-favorite radio station changed morning hosts I decided I was tired of the usual morning yuks that often weren't worth more than a half chuckle. That their playlists seemed to repeat on an hourly basis also turned me off, and I switched to a locally-owned station that I listen to all day.

The station names won't make sense to anyone not local, but I've given 97.3 a chance once more after completely abandoning them about 5 years ago. I literally have not once tuned into that station since then. What inspired me to give them a second chance? Vinnie is back.

When I first started listening to 97.3, their morning hosts were Sarah and Vinnie. After some never-explained drama (rumor has it he was addicted to drugs), Vinnie disappeared "to get healthy" and he wasn't mentioned again. In his place was No Name (aka Mike Nelson) who I initially liked. But his childish comments and perspectives quickly grew tiresome and so I switched to 97.7. Long live KFOG! The truth is, I'm not generally a fan of morning programs, I much prefer music in the morning and for this 104.9 fits that bill perfectly -- no radio hosts, pretty much ever.

A couple of weeks ago in my course of internet-ing I randomly went to 97.3's website and found it touting the return of Vinnie. I've been listening ever since. Yeah, they don't act as mature as the sometimes stodgy KFOG crew, but I giggle every time Vinnie says "weepy gas bag." Sarah still bugs, and I'm of the opinion that she should have been the one replaced all those years ago.

I still don't listen to 97.3 outside of their morning program -- they play the same songs they did when I was in college -- but having Vinnie back is a step in the right direction.


  1. Vinnie's an alcoholic. He admitted it when he came back and basically said that was why he had to leave =) You know I've been an avid listener for many years and I too am glad that he is back. My favorite line in "good morning party people"!