Friday, July 17, 2009

vanity sizing

last weekend i went to old navy in search of some workout shorts/pants that i saw a few months back. they had exactly what i was looking for, but not in my size -- since the last time i was there i've apparently gone down a size. HOORAY! even though they didn't have the bottoms i was looking for, i proceeded to look at the rest of their clothes.

surely you see where this is going.

i tried on nearly 30 items, most of which i really liked, but am trying to avoid spending too much money on clothing when i fully intend on changing sizes again in the near future.

i bought some beach-bum-type shorts for my trip to maui next month, and this t-shirt in 3 different colors, which was old navy's item of the week at just $7 each.

it fits so well, and again, i am down a size in old navy clothes. i've long said that old navy is the king of vanity sizing, which is so very true, but it's still encouraging to know i'm wearing that much of a (supposedly) smaller size.

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  1. Congratulations look great. Keep up the good work! -Paula