Monday, September 12, 2005

blister in the sun

so this guy walks into a bar...

i gots me some tivo. yikes! i'll never leave the house! but really, i expect to be watching more tv than before (as opposed to the merely watching the best show on television, 'arrested development') and that'll be baaaaad. i did, however, get to see the new martha show, and i'm digging it. i loves me some martha.


but poor netflix shall not suffer. i'm currently watching carlos mencia's 'not for the easily offended.' i'm pretty sure this was taped when we went to the show!


1 comment:

  1. Zach's been pretty happy with our "poor man's version of tivo"... aka the VCR. =P

    If we ever got tivo it would be very bad. I hardly watch much tv regularly b/c I have never been good at remembering what time the shows I wanna watch come on. Netflix has helped quite a bit with that (woohoo 3 hr marathon runs of Six Feet Under/The O.C.!).