Sunday, September 18, 2005

watching: Niner game

How did the Eagles score so quickly?! UN-freaking-believable. That McNabb is something else. Dad and sister have a bet going on this game, sister rooting for the Eagles (boo! hiss!) and dad rooting for the Niners, of course (yay!).

The amount of broadcasted Bay Area sports I've willingly subjected myself to this week is crazy. Thursday night I went to the Giants game and watched as Barry struck out and the Giants got spanked by the stinky Dodgers. Friday night on the way to the city I listened to the Giants edge out the Dodgers, yesterday afternoon I watched the Giants scrape out another one, I'm watching Jimmy Johnson pontificate on the half-time report while waiting for the Niner game to return. I'm sure I'll tune into the final Giants-Dodgers game in the series later this afternoon.

There's something about the theme music for Sunday football games that reminds me of growing up. Watching the game(s) in the den with my dad or listening from downstairs as he pounded the floor after the Niners did something stupid. Now I hear my mom saying it's sister that pounds the floor when the Eagles are losing. How she became an Eagles fan is beyond me, something to do with her crush on McNabb.

Me? I'm a 49er Faithful.

I've done nothing this weekend. Really. Nothing productive, I should say, other than loading the dishwasher. It's been ages since I rode the couch this much, and while I've enjoyed it, I'm itching to actually do something. There's plenty around here to do: clean living room, fold laundry, kitchen duties, etc., but that would actually require some energy. And since my week has been so packed and hectic, I'm enjoying my lazy day.

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  1. Sometimes it's just nice to take a break and do nothing for a weekend. =)