Thursday, September 01, 2005

watching: curb your enthusiasm season four disc two

yay! it's almost the weekend! and a three day one at that! such perfect timing, i could really use it. but to be honest, it's been a pretty sweet week.

the weather today was gorgeous, my only wish was that i could have spent some time outside and enjoyed it. i'm hearing rumors that the weekend will be nice, too, and it's just perfect, as i'll be spending a great portion of it outside.

as per my usual routine, i checked mls listings for listings in my complex. imagine my surprise when i saw a 'hot new lisitng' in my complex for $515,000. yowza! i know this can't last, but i'll ride it while it does. i'm also keeping tabs on the house two down from my folks. apparently it was unexpecetedly open last sunday but i missed it. the fam stopped by and proclaimed it as simply, 'meh.'

larry david and a fat black hooker. i'm in hysterics.

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  1. Riding the housing craze.....I completely understand, but i have one question for all of those people holidng pins hoping to burst the bubble (probably not people who currently have mortgages), with more and more people moving to California do you think it will burst?