Monday, January 02, 2006

trashy new year

When all else fails, celebrity gossip reigns.

K-Fed at the ATM. Prolly spending Brit's money.

Um, does anyone care enough about Daisy Fuentas to really want her autograph?!

Ugh. That's nasty, Brady boy.

Michael Bolton and Nicolette Sheridan are apparently back together. What is this world coming to?

Jessica Simpson buys more junk food than I do.

Kelly Osbourne: When Dogs Look Like Their Owners.

Yikes, Nicole Richie is getting smaller by the minute!

Jen and Vince stayed at Montage Resort and Spa in Laguna Beach for the New Year's holiday. What's significant about that? They checked in as "Mr. and Mrs. Smith."


  1. That last one, if true, is pretty funny.

    I *heart* celebrity gossip. It's my guilty pleasure.

  2. I'm now an addict to Perez Hilton! Love the celeb gossip!

  3. I always know where to come for the celeb gossip... love it!!! ;)

  4. Is Sheridan making this post NSFW, or is my monitor at work just crappy?