Tuesday, January 24, 2006


One of my favorite movies as a child, I'm not sure how well this will translate to a live action film.

Steve Buscemi as the voice of Templeton is well cast, though.


  1. The fair is a veritable smorgasboard, orgasboard, smorgasboard....

  2. Binaca (aka breath spray),
    My computer sucks. I have been downloading AD season 3. But as I start watching it my computer gets all retarded and the video goes slow-motion while the audio stays at normal speed. So, I have to pause it and wait a few seconds and then paly again and it is back to normal. It took me 45 minutes to watch a 20 minute long episode. It effing sucks. I have seen through episode 4 and am loving it! Don't be a spoiler. I know where you live. (not really, but I know what city you live in)
    PS. I have been keeping up on AD news and Showtime is getting close. YAY!!!

  3. Oh yippy... I am looking forward to this.. I toooo loved this book and cartoon as a child! ;) I haven't heard of this being made into a movie... thanks for letting me know! ;)