Thursday, February 16, 2006

gossip folks

I neglected to ask my father, who was in Carmel last week as a spectator of the AT&T Pro-Am, if Dennis Quaid looks as much like Neil Young in person as he does in this pic:

How appropriate is the verbiage under Nicole Richie's Diet Dr. Pepper campaign? As in, she's on the "eat nothing diet."


  1. B-

    I am up to ep 10. I only have 11, 12, and 13 left to watch. I am getting sad, so few new episodes left to watch. I'm still checking google news almost every day. NO NEW NEWS, yet.

  2. Gosh... I have always thought Quaid was good looking but YIKES...

    As for Nicole... she's really getting on my nerves! ;)

  3. Shayna wrote: "As for Nicole... she's really getting on my nerves! ;)"

    Not as much as Paris Hilton gets on mine!

  4. B,

    I am REALLY sad right now. I've made a huge mistake! I just watched the last three episodes all in a row. Now I have nothing new left to watch. I should have strung it out. SAD :(

    I could write out a long list of quotes, but I won't. But, I have to say and I more in love with Bateman than ever. Nelly Bluth was pretty funny. She is good at acting slutty!!

    ok, I am gonna go cry myself to sleep now....

    Your biggest bloggy (I just made that up. It means blog fan as in groupie except I dont want to sleep with you.)