Wednesday, February 08, 2006

zoom zoom zoom

I am intrgued by Zoom Systems and their creativity.

When I spotted this vending machine at San Francisco International Airport last year, I just thought it was cool. I didn't know it was going to be *cue music* the wave of the future.

Vending machine at SFO, International Terminal


  1. You know... I have never seen or even read about these... Yeap "wave of the future"... :)

  2. Love this machine at SFO. Everytime I am waiting for my mum and dad I have a quick browse to see if there is anything new!

  3. BINACA - I spend the last two summers at the airport practically every day so not only have i seen those specific vending machines (international terminal? - near the bathrooms? next to the escalator?) but I have also bought stuff out of them.

    **SIDENOTE** When you wrote *cue music* you know what song INSTANTLY came into my head: FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!!!!!!!! I heart GOB