Sunday, February 05, 2006

industry shady

I was cruising around last week, driving between work locations, when I saw something quite literally in the road.

So of course I had to take pix, just because it was so...random.

Can you make out what it is before scrolling all the way down? (Click each photo to enlarge, if desired.)

Just another day in my geeky life.


  1. Maybe this was the machine that was thrown out of Lebanon while they were "absent" for 20 years. (Although their signs still linger while filming Brad Pitt/Rob Redford movies)

  2. Ha.. I can't imagine anyone could miss that in the middle of the street! ;0)

  3. Oh man. That's cool.

    I would have gone you one further and called a friend, sat on it until the friend arrived, and gotten help taking the useless but cool thing home with me so that it could sit in my kitchen and collect dust.

  4. I had absolutely no idea what that was until the last two pcitures. Makes me want a diet coke!

  5. had absolutely no clue till the last few pictures-that was cool bee