Thursday, March 02, 2006

lame-o ized

I just returned from my first Photoshop class, and am pretty jazzed about the course's syllabus. I kinda wish I registered for the intermediate one, even though my experience with Photoshop is limited, because there were a couple of folks in the class that I can envision dragging us down.

You know, the "how do I turn this thing on?" folks. The "heyyy! If I move this mouse, the pointy arrow on the screen moves!" folks.

I never said I was nice. ;)

Thankfully we're allowed to work ahead and the instructor encourages us to work on our own time and make use of class time to ask him questions and really goof around. It helps that I have my very own copy of the software, courtesy of the great Cyrus , and I've muddled through to create some neat-o images.

[Somehow this comes back to the toy cameras I mentioned in the previous entry... ;) ]

Pix I've digitally manipulated to create the "Lomo effect":



Tres lame.

I need the real thing.

Since I returned the Razr spoken of a few entries back, methinks the funds are now earmarked for the LC-A...


  1. My husband recieved a shout out on your blog before me..... :(

    Just kidding- I think that you should move to the internediate class, you ahve always been a fast learner.

  2. I do hate it when you are in a class that starts out with the things you already know.

    Maybe the class will move along quickly and you will get to the good stuff soon.

  3. The only way to get better at something is to challenge yourself with something that seems impossible. Switch to the intermediate or you're going to get real bored, real fast.

  4. Totally off-subject, but just had to share: my boyfriend and I wanted to rent a movie at the base video store, and I set my eyes upon the first DVD of AD....and we have been sucked in! It is sooo funny, and such witty humor...we are just loving it...and finally I understand the frozen banana post! Anywho...if it weren't for your blog, I probably would have never discovered it...and now I am bummed too, that it has been canceled.

  5. My step-sister used to work in the office of a professional photographer in Texas, and she did a lot of the editing for his photos. She learned to do all sorts of really amazing stuff with photoshop. =)