Saturday, July 08, 2006


My company has changed cell phone providers.


When I first started nearly four years ago, we were with Nextel and I had the gigantor Zach Morris-like phone that got me mercilessly teased.

After about a year, we switched to At&T, now Cingular, and I was set with my itty bitty Nokia.

I traded up 6 months after we got that for a Motorola with Bluetooth capability.

Our company's office manager called me a couple of weeks ago letting me know we'd be switching to T-Mobile, and that I needed to select a new phone.

A new phone! At the company's expense!

I headed to the closest T-Mobile store the same afternoon.

I chose a modest Blackberry, an older model, that wasn't more than $50 after rebates and new service activation.

I called our office manager to let him know which model I chose, but all he heard was "Blackberry," and immediately said, "Oh, you can't get the most expensive model! It's too much!" Do you believe the jewels on this guy?! That just pissed me off and made me want to get the most expensive model. (If you recall, this dude and I have butted heads on more than one occasion.)

I told him I changed my mind, and needed more time to select a model.

Once I heard which phones everyone else was getting, I made my choice.

Now I'm waiting for the notorious finger cramps to set in, because we all know I'm going to be all over the full email/web browsing capabilities on this baby.

P.S.-- I am sending this from said phone. Woohoo for pretending to work!


  1. The annual cell phone switch-a-roo business is no fun, but I suppose the gadget upgrade makes up for it. Sounds like you're having fun with your new toy =)

  2. lol... dang, how many times does a company have to change phone carriers?

  3. I too carry a 5lb phone for work. I had to fight for that piece of crap too!