Tuesday, July 25, 2006

seemingly nonchalant

When I moved to Hawaii I brought a piece of California with me in the form of teenage hi-jinks.

My friends had never heard of the (politically incorrect term, yes) Chinese Fire Drill. A long standing tradition in my circle of friends in California, I introduced it one evening when our usual activities were deemed "boring," and a hit was born.

At the time, pre-9/11 of course, we thought nothing of doing it at the airport--in the middle lane of traffic and probably at peak times. But what did we know as 17 year-olds stuck on an island in the middle of the Pacific?

Now, when someone suggests we "do Chinese" (as in for dinner) I smile and remember that was the same way we'd refer to our teenage tomfoolery.

Road to Hana
Maui, Hawaii

This evening's balmy (er, humid) weather has me thinking about my favorite Hawaiian island and my time there. I could swear I caught a whiff of plumeria this evening. Upon arriving home after (yet another) late evening at work, the house had that same warm air feeling as the condo did after being closed all day and returning after a long day at the beach or off with friends.

Comforting, to be sure.

And it reminds me that it's been far too long since my last visit.


  1. Yesterday I mentally transported myself to the Southside on Kauai...smelling plumeria in the breeze and hearing the ocean...ahhh. And hearing ukelele music...*sigh*.

  2. At Carolyn and John's wedding in Gilroy last weekend, Zach started reminiscing about hot Texas weather. Sure, every other time he's talked about the Texas heat it's been disparagingly, and he always complained about it when he lived there. But on that one day he actually said he kinda liked the feeling of sweating profusely.

    Boys. I don't get them sometimes. =P

  3. Bee Bee- the humidity reminds me of Jersey... especially the hot nights. And, isn't it funny how you appreciate the weather when you're not there anymore!
    I think it's high time you take a trip back to Maui!