Friday, July 28, 2006


The first player of this game starts with writing 6 weird things/habits about themselves and then selects 6 others to write an entry about their 6 weird things/habits as well as state this rule clearly. After making your list of weird things, pick 6 others. They are allowed to laugh at you in your comments as much as they want, so deal! Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You are tagged!" on their blog.

Usually I am loathe to participate in surveys and memes (and lawd, there certainly are quite a few that make the rounds!), but since my quirks are too fun not to share...

In fact, I was recently chosen for, and participated in, a focus group because of my "quirky movie choices" (no joke).

(p.s.-- I'm not tagging anyone. Not because it's cruel and unusual to do so [you decide] but because most folks have already done it)

I read magazines backwards. I think I started this when I realized the last page usually had some good tidbits (think "Jane"). I also flip through the entire thing first before committing to reading an article.

When I sleep, I only can have approximately the top fourth of my head on the pillow. This is true no matter how I sleep -- side, stomach or back. If my face touches the pillow I feel like I'm suffocating.

I hate when people leave me voice messages. HATE. Well, that's not exactly true. I hate when my friends leave me voice messages because invariably they say the same thing: "Hi, it's me, just giving you a call to see how you're doing/what's new/what's going on. Give me a call later!" Um, I have caller id on my phone, I can see who's calling. And if it's not that urgent, why leave a message? Some of us don't have unlimited minutes to be checking for frivolous messages!

I have to finish all of one product/food item before buying a duplicate. It bothers me more to have several unopened items of the same product than it does to have extra on hand, but only slightly. When she and I lived together, this quirk was put to the test as we always had multiple packages of the same item open in the kitchen. She'd say she forgot that we already had, say, salt, and buy another container and open it when there already was one (or more!) open in the cupboard. Thankfully in our several years of living together we never shared a bathroom -- when she moved out she had all kinds of partially used products! (Hey, J, sorry in advance for "outing" you 'bout this! Love ya!)

This quirk also extends to work (unintentional rhyme)--when my staff says they need to order another item, I double check to make sure there isn't one a) already open and still has a lot of use left, or b) one in our storage area. (Despite what you think this may say about me, I am not a micro manager.)

I have to finish something if I start it, even if it pains me. This particularly applies to books and movies, where if I start 'em, I finish 'em, even if it means scrolling through on 2x on the dvd.

I've mentioned this before...I have a terrible fear of lighting matches. So much so that I've never actually lit one.


  1. Who tagged you? I think you have some more quirks that you're not letting out of the bag ;)

  2. I'm sort of like that with lighters. Matches, no problem, but I really don't like lighters. I'm always scared of burning kmy fingers.

  3. I can join your "fear of lighting matches" club...diddo. I've never lit one either...the long lighters with the handles are my choice. :) (oh, and I read magazines backwards as well.)

  4. i never lit a match until my freshman year at scu. i think cano was there (and in shock). and til this day i can probably count the number of times i've lit a match with my two hands. so glad i'm not the only one who thinks she'd set her fingers on fire! ;)

  5. I'm really big about #5 too. That's how I finished Season 1 "24" in 3 days, and how I end up studying 16 hours a day, for days at a time, during finals. Coffee is a contributing factor in most cases, but adrenaline is the number one driving force.