Wednesday, July 05, 2006

ribbon ceremony

Thursday was one of the best days I've had in ages.

Wednesday afternoon my father called me up and asks if I wanted tickets to Thursday's Giants game. Of course!

The catch? It was a day game. Since he was giving me the tickets, I (rightly) assumed I had the afternoon off, too. The other catch was that I had to invite my sister to accompany me to the game. I invited her, but she was insistent on going to work (!), so I called her, and she was more than willing to come with.

Game time was 12:35, and I figured we'd head up about 11:30 and get settled with plenty of time to spare. That plan quickly went out the window when the guy installing the new ice machine at one of my locations took over two hours to install the damn thing. He told me, "Easy job -- 40 minutes" when he arrived, so needless to say, I was running a tad late by the time I went to pick Tara up.

We stupidly stopped for lunch on the way up (Toxic Smell Taco Bell) instead of buying food at the park, and we had to stop at the office to pick up the tickets, so by the time we finally parked our butts in the seats, it was the top of the sixth inning.

I was ticked that we wasted so much time when we had seats like these:

6th row rocks.
6th row rocks. (No zoom on this baby!)

representin' the old skool.

good game
The Giants sweep the series!

We made it out of the city in record time and headed to buy us both some new sneaks. I walked away with something very similar to these:

They're ClimaCool! (basically a breathe-able fabric that lets the air circulate)

and I absolutely adore them.

We then headed to hit some balls with the ball machine at her folks' club -- I am noticing a big difference this week after playing FIVE times last week!

The day was capped off with dinner at Chili's with some good friends -- what else could be better?

Tara says she's all set for retirement at this rate -- baseball games, shopping and tennis.

That's the life.