Wednesday, August 23, 2006

defend your actions

(better late than never!)

The big 2-7 was a pretty good day, even if I did have to work.

I pretty much got all kinds of good stuff, including a gift certificate toward a black 60GB video iPod. Squeee! I bought said iPod immediately, and am rockin'. Because I am a geek, I did a trial subscription at and now have three audio books at my disposal.

My friends are awesome, and know me so well and got me the most thoughtful gifts ever. I love them (the friends) all! :)

Friday night (the 11th) I had a shindig at my house for no particular reason. It'd been a while since I had more than a handful of people over, and I figured it was about time. I got into it, too, making prickly pear margaritas, all kinds of apps, dessert and bbq chicken (thanks, Cyrus!). There was way too much food -- thankfully Cyrus called on Jeff to come over and help eat it all! That's the best way to avoid over-lefts!

Saturday (the 12th) I saw "QuinceaƱera" and went apartment hunting with her in my neck of the woods. In the middle of looking at apartments for her, I remembered why I no longer eat movie theater popcorn -- I felt so sick to my stomach, I couldn't wait to get home. Fortunately I felt much better after some 7-Up (it does wonders) and a brief spell on the couch. That's the last time I fall prey to the siren song of the popcorn smell wafting through the theater!

Sunday (the 13th) a group of friends and I celebrated my birthday by going to Great America . Like the little kid that I am, it was my choice, and made better by the fact that I get complimentary tickets annually from a vendor.

Looks like he is throwing gang signs in this pic.

On my actual date of birth (14th), the fam took me out to dinner here . I get teased for being adverse to change, but how many other folks do you know that choose a new, never-before-tried restaurant for their birthday dinner? I've done this six years running now that I can remember and have yet to be disappointed. Ha!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday!!! :) :)

    Looks Like the days leading up and the day of your birthday was a blast!!!

  2. There's something to be said for tradition. My step-sister would always have the family go to a certain chinese food place for her birthday dinner. That way everyone knows what the plans will be before they're even made.

    That first picture of everyone on the ferris wheel (or is that a roller coaster?)... adorable!!

  3. Happy Belated Bday Bee! Looks like you had a blast!

  4. An iPod...whoo hoo...I am just downloading another 12 episodes of Law and Order for a train ride I have tomorrow and the return a few days later: 10+ hours of trainrides, plus an iPod = One happy CaliValleyGirl. Thanks for the audio books download tip!