Wednesday, August 30, 2006

foiled again

Again, thank goodness for the Blackberry.

I am at an all day conference on one of the most boring topics. But secretly I am excited, as it's my first professional conference and this will allow me to obtain a pretty neat certification, making this the second certification that I hold professionally.

When I first heard I would be attending this conference, my head spun with the thought of getting away from work for a day. Oh, the possibilities! Where would the conference be held? San Francisco,maybe? Some place even more exotic than my daily routine, certainly.

Someone has a sense of humor, though.

The conference is held literally across the street from my restaurant where my main office is. Literally across the street.

I'm the only one not laughing.

* I forgot the best part! Because I am so close to work (and because a couple of staff members called in today) I got to go back to work on my lunch break and work the lunch rush! It just doesn't get much better than this. Even my boss (read: father) said today, "I'll bet you wish you chose the corporate world today!" But the truth of the matter is nope--this works for me.

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  1. Thinking your going somewhere exciting, even maybe, and then litterally across the street. That must have been a big of a letdown but you seemed to take it as a grain of salt. That takes real courage and dedication. Good job!