Thursday, August 10, 2006

kill your television

Most television bores me.

Reality tv makes me gag ("Run's House" is not figured into the equation, this falls into a separate category), sitcoms are rarely funny (especially since the demise of "Arrested Development") and I have no patience for hour-long dramas (how many incarnations of "CSI" and "Law and Order" do we need?).

I rarely watch tv on tv, if that makes any sense. Most of my television time is for movies, and the television shows I do watch are torrents that I watch on the lappy, again, "Run's House" notwithstanding.

It's no secret that I'm a sucker for pay-cable serials. My first love was "The Sopranos," followed by "Sex and the City," "Huff,", "Curb Your Enthusiasm," and "Six Feet Under."

Now I'm really into "Entourage" and "Weeds." I Netflixed (gawd, I love using that as a verb) the first season of "Entourage" and downloaded the second, and am currently in the process of downloading the first seven episodes of the third season. I also Netflixed (there's that wonderful verb again) the first season of "Weeds" and it arrived the day it was released.

On the subject of "Weeds," -- holy smokes! (pun intended) Kevin Nealon used to irritate me on "SNL" but on "Weeds" I find his humor to actually, well, humorous. The supporting cast, particularly Heylia (played by Tonye Patano) and Conrad Shepard (played by Romany Malco) really make the show for me.

Is it a sign, then, that the new season of "Weeds" starts on my birthday? *insert "Twilight Zone" music here*

I'm sure it's just a matter of time before I start getting into "Sleeper Cell" or "The L Word."

Stay, erm...tuned.


  1. You should check out "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". It is on cable, but it is hysterical and I am not just saying that.

  2. Don't knock the hour long dramas... Without A Trace, Medium, Cold Case... these are great shows!

  3. You should watch The Office if you're looking for a good, Arrested Development type Grey's anatomy is awesome and I have a penchant for Project Runway....just my two cents

  4. I have loved the first 3 seasons of Scrubs. I haven't checked out Entourage yet, but I keep hearing about it... I also kinda wanna see Big Love, but I don't know if they're on DVD yet.

    I never watch regular tv b/c I can never remember to watch a particular show at a particular time. Which is why I love Netflix so much.

    Oh, and yes, Jen (my younger sis) is coming out to Cali in a few weeks and the plan is for her to live with us for about 6 months or so, depending on what kind of a work situation she has.

  5. Bianca - The day you start watching the "L Word" and liking it, is the day we STOP being friends. I am NOT Kidding. That is hands-down the most horrendous show on TV. The writing is HORRIFIC. I have never seen such fake, cheesy, lame, and ridiculous dialogue. I watched the first two episodes of the series (since I am such a big fan of Queer as Folk) but I couldnt stop screaming at the television and had to stop. I dare you to watch it and not hate it. I double-dare you.