Wednesday, November 15, 2006

dumb luck

I've been called for jury duty. I registered in this county when I became a homeowner, a change from the county my parents live in. I'd been called three times with my registration in their county, but never had to show up as my number wasn't called. Apparently, this county does things a tad differently than I'm used to. This county assigns you four days worth and service can be at one of seven different courthouses, the farthest one at least 45 minutes from my home. So when am I scheduled for jury duty?

(wait for it...)

December 26-29.

For those keeping score at home, I need to call or check online twice a day for each of those days to see if I need to serve my civic duty.

Starting the day after Christmas.


  1. I hope that doesn't cut into your New Year's Plans! Who would have even known that the county courthouses would be open.

  2. I hope you get the Mock Trial with J Reinhold! =)

  3. Ew! I got called for jury duty once. It was in the middle of when I was doing my Montessori certification, so I got to delay it for 6 months as a student. Then my week fell in the summer, but thankfully I never had to actually go in.

    Zach got called once and he checked all week long for his number and never got called in... and then on friday realized he'd gotten his number wrong and was checking the wrong number! lol

  4. I just got out of jury duty a few weeks ago. The phone system didn't let me postpone until the holidays, and there's no time to postpone to, so I figured I'd take a chance thinking that no one would want a smart-alecky 3L on the jury. As luck would have it, I somehow got included in a group to be empanelled for a 30-day trial! Somehow "student" = "available" to the computer. I can't afford to miss a whole month of school! But fortunately, the trial got continued so we were all off the hook.

    You got a really good time slot. One of my professors (who is a judge) told me that there's pretty much no chance that any trials would go on.

  5. Oops...I meant I had no *good* time to postpone to because school is always busy.

  6. Starting the day after Christmas? I think you mean the day of Kwanzaa!