Thursday, November 02, 2006

what dreams may come

I had the weirdest dream two nights ago.

I dreamt that we were preparing for nuclear war. My family was at our cabin and somehow my father got wind that NASA was allowing a small number of people to take shelter in their underground bunker, but we had to be dressed in a particular suit. This full body suit was white, and made of a Tyvek-type material (identical to the stuff worn in clean rooms in the tech industry). My sister refused to dress in said suit, and I remember feeling so angry with her, cause, duh -- it's a matter of life or death! I only had sandals but wearing the suits required wearing closed-toe shoes, so I grabbed my father's snow boots (I vividly remember this part, he's had this pair for as long as I can remember) and wore those. We raced to our next-door neighbor's house, which had magically become the NASA bunker (the morphing of locations/people always cracks me up in dreams) and we were locked in, safely awaiting what might come.

Then I realized I didn't have my cell phone on me, and I wanted to call my friends and, well, say goodbye, I guess, as morbid as it sounds. I panicked looking for said phone, and roamed the cavernous hallways of the NASA site until I found a payphone. I kept trying to call my friends (collect, mind you -- there were no pockets for money in my Tyvek suit!) but no one was answering.

The dream ended here, but I woke up in a panic. I wonder if any online dream interpreters could piece together the bits and pieces of this convoluted dream.


  1. Um... that you're worried the world is about to end?

    I like it when I have a really strange dream, but don't realize it till halfway through the day when all of a sudden I get flashbacks from it. Crazy.

  2. Bee-
    Those dreams are awful... by the way, what would you have said? "Hey T, sorry I didn't call you sooner to put you in a Tyvek suit and try to save your life, but good luck in the afterlife!"
    I wish dreams were more clear.

  3. Yikes!

    I had a strange dream last night too--not to the apocalyptic proportions of yours, but somehow I saw myself walking around in a lab barefoot, stepping on all sorts of chemical stains. WTF?!? I should have worn that Tyvek suit.

  4. Did you eat to much left over halloween candy before you went to bed? :)

  5. This dream is awesome! Anyway, they say you dream about stuff your brain is trying to unconsciously work out. Maybe you are feeling uncertain about the relationship you have with your friends - ie. you try to get a hold of them during trouble and no one is picking up. Or maybe you just watched some crazy shit before you went to bed and your brain was like: that was fun! Let's confuse her as she sleeps! Ha, who knows.

  6. By the way, DuPont - although it creates bad military shit - is amazing. They made Teflon and Dacron and I have Teflon in my heart to patch up the hole. Technology is amazing.