Wednesday, November 01, 2006

pour, mix, serve

How to win a Halloween costume contest:

step 1
step 1: procure paper bag large enough to fit noggin (BevMo bag worked well!)

step 2
step 2: spend more at Michael's than you intended, but have fun getting carried away with creativity

step 3
step 3: refer to inspiration before continuing

(Fandango surfer)

step 4
step 4: arrange everything before gluing

step 5
step 5: prepare last minute changes (buttons on shirt, added collar and v-neck to shirt),
take picture to show weirdo fellow bloggers

step 6
step 6: pose for pic with Jewels (geisha), before costume judging began

step 7
step 7: self-take pic after winning Starbucks gift card

step 8: feel the pressure for next year's party after winning


  1. Priceless.....

    This is like a mastercard ad.....I can just see it on the tube.

  2. No more letting people off easy with my uninspired costumes. I begin for 2007 - today!

  3. Very cool! Was there any way to see out of that thing, or did you play bumper cars all night?

  4. Oh man, that is great!

    I love getting carried away being crafty too...Somehow I can justify spending loads of money on scrapbooking, because I am not just paying for the end product, but for the pleasure I have creating it. And some people say making things yourself is cheaper...whatevers.