Tuesday, July 10, 2007


in honor of the all-star game today, i'll share some pics from the giants versus yankees game i went to last month.

i wanted to wear this shirt, but it wouldn't have arrived in time for the game. funny because IT'S TRUE!

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it's always exciting to see such stars of the game play, even if they are the stinkin' yankees. it was definitely an exciting game, especially the ninth inning. dang that alex rodriguez for putting the game into extra innings! but the giants played well and WON so all was right in the bay area. that they also won the next day, the third of the three-game series, was nearly a miracle.

die-hard giants fan -- even my TOES are orange!
even my toes are orange, yo

lovely day for a game

freshly chalked baselines
freshly chalked base lines

derek jeter at bat

alex rodriguez at bat

bonds at bat

bonds on first

love him!
love him!

just before bochy got thrown out
just before bochy got thrown out

does it matter if they lose?
yankees on the mound


and the giants win!
and the giants win!


  1. Thanks for including the picture of Jeter's backside.

  2. Jesus may hate the Yankees... but I wish he didn't have such a hard on for the Braves.

    Oh and I used statcounter.com

  3. bee
    I responded to your comment on T-rex's bloggy blog about Coney Island......

    ps. baseball is for white people.

  4. i disagree with v girl. baseball and boxing is for brownies. oh yes, also futbol.

    also, i like the t-shirt.

  5. Hehe LOVE that t-shirt. I'm a hugee Red Sox fan, so clearly I feel the same way about the Yankees as you do. Nice blog:)