Sunday, July 22, 2007

six word sunday: soon she would be mrs. barry

(click to enlarge photo)
made with fd's flickr toys

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  1. That's really cool, Bee! Did you do that? That's rad. (FYI, the "soon" you spelled "sonn" by accident - just looking out for ya)

    When I woke up yesterday and made it to the shower, I overheard V Girl talking to you about your upcoming trip!!!!! I'm excited!

  2. tanyeezee--i fixed the "sonn" before posting, but it's not linking properly, and thus showing up as the original, incorrect version. but thanks for pointing it out for all the internets to see!
    only a couple more weeks and i'll be in nyc!

  3. U r too creative with the photogs. U r mayjah!

  4. Really, I think your finest work to date :) Thank you for celebrating and driving wayy past Elan to come and party!!