Wednesday, July 04, 2007

high life

happy independence day!

what's more american than reveling in someone else's misery?

from the genius folks at milkfat :
(click to enlarge, trust me!)

i don't watch "the simple life," thus the "sa na sa" reference was lost on me, until GOOGLE figgered it out for me. if you're like me and haven't seen that drivel, paris and nicole had this running little song they'd do, that goes "sa na sa! sa na sa. sa na sa! sa na saaaaa!" youtube'ing (yay for turning it into a verb!) it will produce this:


  1. Unfortunately, I used to watch it when it first came on the air. (maybe 3 years ago) That was back when "that's hot" was the only memorable line...:)

  2. sa na na. my God. that's the most annoying think i've heard EVER, i think. UGH. their voices are PIERCING. please excuse me while I go find cotton balls to shove in my ears to help sop up the blood.