Saturday, July 07, 2007

not that sound

it was so strange having had a day off in the middle of the week. not bad, of course, just strange. i was telling a friend of mine on friday how i went swimming on wednesday, but instead said sunday. because, really? it felt like a weekend. in the middle of the week! doesn't get much better than that. i didn't do much but swim and watch movies on the 4th, and dinner was mediocre pizza. i discovered that i can see my city's fireworks displays from my backyard, which was cool. i think next year i'll do a bbq for the 4th and invite folks to see the fireworks from my backyard. that is, if i can manage to get it cleaned up before then. i've been procrastinating like no other on pulling weeds and trimming stuff, i just have no interest whatsoever in gardening. because it's been so hot, i've closed the shutters going into the backyard, and now the weeds/nastiness is out of sight. but not out of mind, obviously.

thankfully, today has been cooler than the past couple of days. although i've no right complaining when las vegas and phoenix, and even places in utah, are well into triple digits.

juan is recovering well. he had surgery on his hand on thursday and now has two pins in it, which will remain for about 6 weeks. we kid because we love, and my father has taken to calling juan "frankenstein," which my sister has shortened to simply "frank," because of all of his braces and bandages. i had dinner with my sister and juan last night, the first time i've seen him since the accident. most of his bruises have healed, but seeing him in his brace get-up is frightening, if only because i can't help but think "what if?" he's in good spirits though, and is anxious to return to work.

i'm stoked that the all-star game will be shown on fox, which is one of the three hi-def channels i get. since i'm too cheap to pay for the package through comcast, i receive the hi-def channels through the tv's built-in tuner over the air. my father had tickets to some special event for the all-star game but declined them , thinking i wouldn't want to attend. goes to show he really wasn't thinking, because OF COURSE i would want to attend!


  1. I am glad Juan is recovering in good spirits. Please send out our "Get Well soon wishes". Also let him know the nickname will last forever now. Steve had his foot ran over by a forklift about 10 years ago now and his family still refers to his hurt foot as "Franken-foot"

  2. We could almost see the fireworks from Discovery park from our balcony but the end building in our complex just blocked them. =)