Monday, March 24, 2008

table dance

i went to the urgent care this morning, as my doc doesn't work mondays. i developed this pain in my side wednesday night, similar to that pain you get when you drink a bunch of water and go exercise right afterwards. 'cept this didn't go away after a few minutes like that kind of pain does. it went away for a couple of days, then got increasingly painful and last night i didn't sleep but maybe 3 hours or so. in my 2.5 hour wait today, i saw all kinds of people come in. one guy was accompanied by his wife/girlfriend who claimed she was an M.D. and was screaming that he needed medical attention right away. i guess he ended up passing out, because the fire department came and assisted him. yes. the fire department came to the urgent care. i was thinking to myself, "if it was that serious, and that woman really is an M.D., she should have known better and taken him to the E.R., not to an urgent care facility." anyway, i was finally called back and i'm pretty sure the doc wasn't all there. or at least, i've definitely had better care than this guy gave me. his diagnosis? muscle strain. which is entirely possible given my recent back injury, but why would this pain subside pretty much completely, then come back with a vengeance? his answer? "i dunno. muscle spasms?" he said i should have an x-ray, which i will be going to my primary care doc for on wednesday and sent me home with a presciption for naproxen for the swelling and vicodin for the pain. argh! i did take one vicodin in an attempt to get a decent night's sleep but sometimes vicodin makes me ill, so i'm hoping i can keep my dinner down and get a good sleep.

let's see.

i'm addicted to the trader joe's pecan pralines. like, so very addicted. normally i don't like nuts of any kind (har) but these, of course, have sugar and salt, and you can't go wrong with that. i thought about setting up a little old lady nut dish near the couch but i'm sure that would prove to be too tempting. i figure if i have to get up and get them, maybe i'll think twice about snacking on them so often.

and now you know the extent of my laziness.

more food talk: i had a delicious sandwich from whole foods after the urgent care appointment. i think i've finally perfected the art of the $8 whole foods sandwich, and that bugger is huge! smoked turkey, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado and gorgonzola spread on sliced sourdough bread. doesn't get much better than that.

the ducks are back in my condo complex's swimming pool. i know it drives the board nuts but secretly i like seeing them there.


  1. Does the board try to put beach balls in the pool to "keep the ducks away?" The management at our apt complex would do that every year. What would usually happen is we'd have the beach balls floating at one corner of the pool, and the ducks congregating at the other.

    We also had ducks that hung out in the hot tub.

  2. That's a really pretty duck picture.

    Sorry to hear you're hurt. Pain sucks. Hope that sandwich (which sounds really yummy) helped out.