Saturday, March 15, 2008

throwing out breakthroughs

i'm laid up in bed with a friggin back injury. wish i could say there
was an exciting story behind it, but it seems it stemmed from lifting
something wrong at work. i look and feel like i'm 80 years old when i
attempt to walk or even sit. i went home early thursday and took
friday off because i'm in so much pain. in my nearly 6 years in this
job i have not once called in sick. so you can understand just how
severe this is.

thankfully my good friend dr. lisa is a chiropractor and came to my
rescue on thursday, table in tow, and came over again on friday.

laying in bed for hours on end is the pits most of the time. i've done
so much talking on the phone and tv-watching it's ridiculous.
fortunately netflix has come to my rescue with "watch instantly" and
my laptop has become my new best friend. but then there are other
times when i'm totally content with just doing nothing. having to do
nothing and doing nothing by choice are definitely two different

but enough about that.

i volunteered for the cinequest film festival, which was an absolute
blast. i met so many rad people and learned so many new things. i
plan on getting more involved for next year's festival, and have
already signed up as a volunteer for other festivals in the bay area
in the upcoming months.

in other volunteering news, i volunteered for the PBS telethon last
weekend. a total blast, even if they did warn us about the propensity
to receive obsene phone calls. i got one call, while not obscene, it
was definitely odd. we got a tour of the studio and i got so caught up
in just how friendly everyone was i may have committed to learning
some of the duties of other volunteers at the studio. whoops.

i'm on the hunt for a new handbag. problem is, my tastes seem to
change with the breeze. i bought a marc by marc jacobs bag in new york
in november, but i'm ready for a change. i'm thinking i might (gasp)
branch out and get something other than black. i'm thinking green.

i scored some great mid-century modern deals at the alameda flea
market a couple of weekends ago. i got a great tiered table that is
being used as a buffet and a small piece that opens up to store all
the fixings for a cocktail party, alcohol included. the buffet doesn't
need any work, but the bar could use a new stain. when i'm feeling
better i'll tackle that project. i was looking for a coffee table and
found several that fit my needs but didn't buy any of them. my plan is
to buy a new couch in the next year and a half or so, and i want a
sectional. i thinking of holding off on the coffee table purchase
until then, but don't quote me on it.

my mother is about halfway done with her radiation treatments, she's
literally counting the days. she's thinner than ever, but seems to
have an appetite, so i'm not as worried about her.

my second cousin passed away last weekend at the scene of a horrific
car accident. she was only 18. i wish i could say i was grieving more,
but we were never close. my parents are going to services tomorrow and
will pay their respects.

i've been taking myself out to sushi every friday. i so look forward
to fridays now more than ever, and trying new sushi joints! i didn't
(can't!) leave the house yesterday so sushi friday became sushi
saturday when jewels picked up my call-in order from a place near my
house. i realized two bites in that my order must've gotten mixed up
with someone else's as there was eel (figuratively) staring back at
me. i don't. eat. eel. the rest of it was good, and i salvaged the
tuna and salmon from the rest of the roll with the eel.

the heating pad is my new best friend. i'm not sure how i've lived without one.


  1. In high school I bought this purse and decided on the grey one instead of black... just to be different. Since then I've had a strong aversion to black purses. It's way more fun to get one in a fun color, and you'd be surprised how a bright red purse can still go with everything. =P

  2. we are getting OLD! your back injury is only a few months after mine. i bet you mastered how to use a laptop while being completely vertical. It's my newest talent.