Thursday, March 06, 2008

you had to be there

stream of consciousness blogging.



too much fun and too little sleep. means i'm tired at 1p and dying to skip out of work by that hour. wishing there were more hours in the day. back to loving yoga again after last week's rocky restart. now how 'bout using that gym membership i dole out $24/mo for? discovered that the restaurant supply store carries all things pastry-related and could've saved me a fortune. live and learn. baseball season is here. giants still suck. i'm still a fan. i was reminiscing on seeing the mets play at shea stadium over the summer. what fun! it's too bad the mariners won't be at home when i'm in seattle next month. property tax is due shortly. camera purchase in the works. spending money. saving money. i can't be trusted when it comes to buying furniture. i want it all! time to weed backyard again. again! tired of hearing excuses. tired of hearing meaningless "i'm sorry"s. work is same as it ever was. same good eggs, same bad eggs. easter is here shortly. time change! spring forward, fall back. tomorrow is sushi friday. new places to try. rilo kiley on the radio. wtf? good movie last night. bad movie tonight. past my bedtime. deja vu? all quiet on the western front.

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