Monday, October 03, 2005

cold as ice

Sarah's bachelorette party this weekend had us cruising all over the city on a party bus. We went here, here, here (where there were male strippers!), and here. It was a loooong night, capped off by some guys on the party bus (not in our group) getting into a fight (alcohol+testosterone=%!^#@&^#).

I started to feel like I was getting sick while we were out to dinner Saturday night, and sure enough, I didn't get but an hour and a half of sleep post-clubbing. I tossed and turned and sniffled while the five others in the room sawed logs. Now I have such a sinus headache and my eyes won't stop watering. Oh, and my throat and ears hurt, too.

Friday night Julia and I hit the mall so she could buy some wedding presents for upcoming shindigs. I browsed Pottery Barn and came away with:

The smaller two are sitting on my dresser, but with simpler candles.

The blue pillow is now sitting on this chair:

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