Saturday, October 15, 2005

never left the ground

Last weddings of the year today. Yes, weddingS. Because they overlap, I'm obviously only able to go to one. It's raining this morning, though, and I'm holding my breath that it'll clear up before The Big Day for two different friends. I do have to say, however, that I enjoyed taking a short walk this morning while it was drizzling. Something about enjoying the chill in the air of fall's arrival made me stop and just really appreciate the moment.

On to more fun stuff...movies! 'The Girl in the Cafe' earned a coveted and rare five stars from me. 'Kicking and Screaming'...not so much. I've decided I'm not a big Will Ferrell fan, except if he's portraying Dubya. I've been waiting for 'Me and You and Everyone We Know' to come out on DVD and it's pretty damn good. I've been a fan of Miranda July since discovering her reader contribution-driven website.

I'm co-hosting a Halloween party with J and her hubby and am still trying to decide what to be. Because what would a Halloween party be without costumes?!

And now...I have a confession to make. I am following the public breakup and humiliation of two people on a friend's myspace. They've been hashing it out on public comments and now their friends have chimed in. In an odd related occurrence of events (aka the world really is too small) I discovered the profile of a guy I was once minorly interested in on the 'friends list' of the female half of this couple (awkward sentence much?). Odd. He's 34 and she's 22 and they're from different areas, so it makes it even more strange.

And! In the course of writing this entry, the sun came out. :)


  1. It's unfortunate to have relationship drama be broadcasted like that. =( There was some of that on my older sister's blog after she and her hubby broke up. Thankfully it didn't go on for very long and they tried to be somewhat civil about it.

  2. Two things -

    S&S wedding rocked (obviously) due to a myriad (that cost me $0.10) of factors and the Will Ferrell thing is touch and go. Personally, I think he's the bee's knees (pun intended) but I understand the let down with K&S. He's off the wall, something that requires a certain "dumbed down" humor sense of mind.

  3. I HATE WILL FARRELL!!! He is NOT funny. Anyway, I also wanted to brag how I saw "Me and You and Everyone We Know" at the Bridge Theater in SF and that Miranda July was there and did a Q and A afterward. My favorite part = "poo back and forth"