Saturday, October 08, 2005

watching: crazy/beautiful

i'm happy to report that i'm feeling much better.

i crashed hard last night--i went into my room to get something and decided to lay (or is it lie?!) down and read for a bit. next thing i know it's two-and-a-half hours later and i'm all groggy. i decided to go with it, and got up to turn off the lights around the house and crawled back into bed. long story short (too late) i ended up sleeping for almost twelve hours in total. sheesh! i know 'they' say you can't make a dent in sleep debt, but i sure feel so much better after a restful night. my mother always said the cure for what ails you is a good night's sleep, perhaps she was right... :)

as a result of getting up early (going to bed super early'll do that to you) i've done lots of stuff around the house and am waiting on the next load of laundry to be done. then i'm off to the goodwill and to run various other errands before i have to work this evening. hopefully it won't be too painful, just a few hours of supervising a maintenance group.

as much as i cannot stand kirsten dunst, i really like the movie crazy/beautiful. i suspect my reasons for liking the movie have nothing to do with her, though--have you seen jay hernandez?! mmmm. at any rate, it's on tbs right now and i'm tuning in. i may have just realized why my sister likes this movie so much, and i think it doesn't have as much to do with jay as she claims it does...

no new stuff on the tivo means i've resorted to poor, neglected netflix. the remake of 'the longest yard' was decent, but i didn't find it as stellar as some folks did. i do, however, highly recommend 'crash.' the boy in the biz said it was one of the best movies of the year, and he was dead on. i have high hopes for 'the girl in the cafe,' which i'll probably watch tomorrow.

i got a bug in my bonnet this morning about going to santa cruz, but now i'm feeling like it'll have to wait for another day...maybe tomorrow...

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  1. "I got a bug in my bonnet"... lol That just sounds cute. =P

    Sleep is definitely a good thing.