Monday, October 24, 2005

oxford collapse

weekend was f-u-n. shouldn't they all be?

friday, after a hectic day at work, it was off to the sheryl crow concert at the greek theater in berkeley. it was my first visit to this venue, and i'm looking forward to going back. jack johnson has been doing a couple of shows there for the past few summers, perhaps if he comes back this way i'll venture to see him.

before the show we stopped at the north face outlet in berkeley, but alas, i didn't find anything. and i had been wanting to go there for so long! the one that used to be in san jose (and the one in sf, too, come to think of it) was so much nicer.

sheryl crow put on a awesome show, she was onstage for over two hours, with an appropriate mix of old and new songs.

saturday found me exhausted from a long workweek, and brunch and a tar-jay run with one of my favorite homies was a perfect way to spend the day.

i was looking forward to sleeping in and riding the couch sunday, but i got talked into heading here for some shopping. after traveling an hour and a half each way, i was hoping for some rad items, and i found some!

This was my 'big purchase'--yipee! (this from the person that bitches and moans that she has no money--hello, savings!)

i was looking forward to the restoration hardware outlet, but nothing there caught my eye, it was mostly furniture.

and now, another week ahead. this weekend brings yet another concert--i loves me some a) dave, and b) concerts.

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