Monday, December 26, 2005

Randy: But Catalina, winning this car for Joy is my Christmas present to Earl. This is for family - at Christmas. You know - Feliz Naviblah.
Catalina: [shaking her head side-to-side] That means nothing.
Randy: To you, maybe. But to an American it means Christmas in Mexican.

It was a little "blah," truth be told.

But Santa was good to me, as he always is, and for the first time in several years, I got to spend Christmas Day with my immediate family as a whole. No one mentioned why we were all together this year, but I said an extra prayer for Grandma at church yesterday morning and thought about how we won't have a chance to spend another Christmas with her.

Maudlin, yes?

Things picked up a bit when we headed to my uncle's house for our usual Christmas activities, where I joined the boys' table and played cards for a couple of hours instead of gossiping with the wimminfolk in front of the TV (Tim--you should see my uncle's TV! I think my dad is paying him too much! :) )

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