Thursday, December 22, 2005

winter showers

You'd think, that with the holiday season here, I'd stop thinking of myself and only buy for others as my mother taught me.

You'd think, right?

I guess not. Today I splurged on a Hansgrohe showerhead for my master bathroom. Yes, the one I had was perfectly fine, but I believe that baths and showers should be an experience. Cheesy, yes. But I'm beyond stoked to have a shower under this.

Perhaps it's all the rain we've been having that inspired this purchase...


  1. oooh my friend has one of those and I took a shower at her place once and it was soooo niiiicceeee. =)

  2. I love our giant showerhead! Considering how much time we spend in the tub, it is a worthy investment! =)