Sunday, April 20, 2008


i love going to concerts. i also love that when i go to them i always end up appreciating certain songs, perhaps ones i never gave a chance to before the show.

case in point, the rilo kiley show i went to thursday night. i hadn't given their latest album ("under the blacklight") much of a listen since its release in august, and definitely not beyond the cursory "new music!" listen, preferring to stick to the older albums that i know much better.

as this tour is to promote their newest release, most of the songs were from it, and i only vaguely recognized some of them but i definitely had my favorites. now? i cannot get enough of "close call." or "breakin' up." or "the moneymaker." usually, i'll hear a song several times and pretty much be done with it. it's unheard of for me to listen to the same song over and over again, but with "close call?" i truly cannot get enough of it. even having it stuck in my head all day yesterday wasn't enough to make me sick of it.

and tonight i'm going to the jay-z/mary j. blige show. rilo kiley, jay-z and a new camera all in one week? how did i get so lucky to have three things that make me absolutely giddy happen in such quick succession?

pinch me. life is good.

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