Friday, April 04, 2008

this time tomorrow...

time is just flying by. it's already friday, and i leave early tomorrow morning for seattle and vancouver. i'll only be gone through tuesday but the whole back pain thing still has me down and packing a suitcase is pretty much the last thing i want to do. i'm definitely better, and i started physical therapy thursday morning and will continue with it for about three weeks. it seems so dramatic, having to go to physical therapy, but if it will provide results then i'm all for it.

my friend nicole's husband is staying with me tonight. he's in town for a conference and she asked if he could stay here a couple of nights. i'll be here for one of 'em but he'll be on his own saturday night. she was kind enough to volunteer him to take me to the airport at the crack of dawn tomorrow (aka 5a). yay for good friends and their generous husbands!

i've had the kinks' "this time tomorrow" stuck in my head all day. i guess if you're going to get something stuck in your head, it's at least a decent song to do so.

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