Tuesday, April 15, 2008

karma chameleon

I read an article on consumerist that amazon was refunding $50 in amazon credit to people who purchased an HD DVD player before February. I never received an email from amazon, even though I fit into that category. So I sent them a witty email saying I wasn't trying to be (too) greedy, but hey, where's my credit? I got an email back less than an hour after I sent it saying I now had $50 to spend on amazon.

There are a couple of things that thrill me about this.

The first is, of course, that it brings the total cost of the HD DVD player and 10 HD DVDs down by $50. And for "dead" technology, that's doable. Especially since I sold all but 1 of the 10 DVDs on eBay and thus brought the cost down even further.

The second is that now I have an extra $50 to spend. It's like free money, even though it's not. But the trouble now is what to spend it on.

Y'know when you get a gift certificate you don't just want to buy any old thing? You have to make sure it's something you realllly realllly want so you don't waste it.

Do I get all the books on my amazon wishlist? Probably not. How about towards the new camera? Maybe. I'm just glad the credit is good 'til 2009 so I don't have to worry about making the decision now.


  1. Ain't it funny how that happens? When you don't have money to spend you can think of so many things you wanna buy... then when you do have a set amount you can't decide what to use it for.

    Have fun spending your $50. =)

  2. you know i vote for the books...but their makeup/fashion section is good too...perhaps some new yoga shoes? =)

  3. I couldn't wait till '09 that's for sure! When I got my last amazon gift cert I couldn't wait to spend it!!!

    Happy shopping! Maybe you need some sushi making supplies?