Tuesday, May 29, 2007

another one bites the dust.

perhaps you've noticed my new layout? a friend of mine commented today that it just didn't seem like "me," and if you know me in real life, you're probably thinking the same thing. yes, i typically am not drawn to floral motifs, but the colors of this template were so summer-y, i was immediately drawn to it.

moving on.

i took a 2 mile bike ride on sunday (i keep typing saturday! yay for long weekends!) and it was lovely. i need to pursue different physical activities, away from the standard gym routine. that's not to say that i've been to the gym any time in recent memory, but i cannot stand the local branch of 24 hour fitness to which i belong. another friend of mine was treated to a diatribe about my dislike of that gym the other night. it seems ridiculous that, while my membership allows me to visit other gyms, i'd travel a distance out of my way to go to the gym just because the one near me is shitty.


i also bought a pair of swim goggles in the hopes that i'd start swimming laps. while i was on vacation, i swam and swam and swam. and it felt good, not even like i was exercising. that's pretty much my favorite kind of exercise, when i'm just doing things i like that happen to be physical.

monday i went to santa cruz in the morning. how long have i lived in the bay area to know that if it's hot and sunny on this side of the hill that it'll probably be cold and windy there? the fog burned off just before i left, but it was a fun day anyway. pretty much any day with photo booths and soft frozen lemonade at the beach are good. (for those keeping score at home, those are three of my favorite things.) i've not yet scanned my photo booth pix, but here are a few of my faves from yesterday:

psssst! we used to own this company

i found a wallet in that particular photo booth, and being the good citizen that i am, returned to the lost and found. several teen staff members of the boardwalk had no idea where the lost and found was, sending me on quite the chase before i found it. let's hope tyler of redwood city found his wallet.

monday night jewels and cy hosted a yummy bbq. it was the perfect cap to a wonderful weekend -- playing cards with friends, enjoying the weather, food and company.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! I like the new layout! You know, I saw a few people who have forgotten that the coast is always foggy this time of year... lots of bare skin with goose bumps.

  2. You've gotta make working out fun, otherwise it'll never happen. At least now I'm forced to walk much more whenever I go into town, and I'll go ahead and walk instead of taking trams all the time. I'm hoping it will help balance all the extra chocolate I've been ingesting... ; )

    Aw, a bbq at Jewels & Cy's... now you're making me miss California!