Monday, May 14, 2007

electric company

Since I moved in nearly three years ago, I've wanted a ceiling fan in my living room. I know it's the first thing they rip out on "Trading Spaces" but since I don't have a/c and don't foresee getting it any time soon, it's really the best option.

My father keeps saying he'll install one for me, but after waiting a year for him to help me finish change out the light switches, plates and outlets (and there are still a handful of them left to be done) I decided to *gulp* pay someone to do it.

Electrician jobs are never cheap, so when I went looking for a fan and saw both Lowe's and Home Depot offered installation services, I thought that'd be the easiest route. Why I decided this, I still don't know, as after dealing with Home Depot's installation contractors for the Clarion shutters incident, I wasn't so happy. So off to Lowe's I went, where I found the perfect fan. Turns out they don't offer installation anymore, as their subcontractor lost his license. Ooops. Back to square one, aka Home Depot.

The guy at the installation services desk was actually very nice, and *gasp* helpful. As a former electrician, he advised me not to pay someone to do it, but to instead do it myself and save the money. (sidebar: I was quoted $110 at the store, but the electrician quoted me $375. Ridiculous!) J's hubby, then fiance, tried to install a fan for me when I first bought the place, and it didn't work out so well as he'd never done one before.

I hired an electrician on the recommendation of my mother's friend, and this guy didn't disappoint. He's about my age and the nicest guy ever. He brought a tarp to put under his ladder so as to not spread debris everywhere. He even vacuumed up after the install. And for a mere $100, he couldn't be beat. I gave him $25 extra cause he really went out of his way to bring several ceiling braces over, even though I already had one, to see which fit best. Then, because apparently I have funny ceilings, he needed extra long screws and he went and got those on his own dime.

The fan, in all its glory from the website:

I detached the awful looking pull tabs at the bottom, since the electrician installed a remote for it, which may be the best part -- it can be set to come on at a particular temperature!

And in its new home:


  1. You're going to love the fan. We have fans in almost every room of our house and they save so much on AC costs. It looks great!

  2. I have a story about a ceiling fan I had.

    Once upon a time I had this old ceiling fan hanging over my bed that really kicked butt, I mean that thing couldn't be stopped it was just that powerful and it really cooled down the bedroom.

    Then one day I was standing on the bed cleaning cobwebs out of the corner of the bedroom ceiling and I forgot it was running and I turned around only to walk into it.

    That thing just about scalped me and laid me out senseless on the bed.

    When I finally recovered all I could do was laugh. SO the Debs came into the bedroom found me bleeding from the top of my head and laughing hysterically and almost called 911 to get the Para Medics there.

    Fortunately I convinced her not to do that cos I would have been too embarrassed to have to tell anyone at the ER what I did.

    and that is my ceiling fan story.

  3. I like the fan, Neal really likes your speakers in the background. Who says boys don't pay attention to detail? Nicole

  4. Nice fan! I'm proud of the speakers too! =) Next stop...HD DVD drive!

  5. The fan looks great! Way to take control and get it done.