Wednesday, May 09, 2007

[insert jaws theme here]

have you heard about this ?! tres scary! that's the beach i always go to on maui, down the street from our place!

here's hoping the woman recovers quickly.


  1. OMG... she is one lucky lady...

    Hope all is well with you!!! :)

  2. Snap! That's ridiculous! BUT, you know! If you were to visit New York this would never happen and you would only have to worry about what songs to pick for karaoke rather than if a shark was gonna chomp your foot!

  3. Ick! Now I'll think twice when the kelp is tickling my toes and look down, just to make sure!

  4. OF COURSE we will karaoke WHEN you come to visit! I promise to unleash the full-fledged vanessa karaoke insanity. I was just tired the day of Arden's b-day and didnt want to stay up late 2 days in a row.