Thursday, May 03, 2007

go your own way

rumor had it that the four seasons wailea was hosting a benefit dinner for the maui food bank at $150/plate at the grand opening of the duo restaurant. while i have no doubt it's a worthy cause, i wasn't sure about parting with that kind of money to see b-list celebs. plus, i had nothing to wear. (age-old female dilemma, dontchaknow.)
we moseyed on down there anyhow, and ended up with first-rate seats by the pool, akin to cheapskate's hill above cal's memorial stadium, only much closer. and with live music!
spotted there: john corbett, christian slater and kids, amanda bynes, chris noth, mick fleetwood.

speaking of mick fleetwood, this is of him and various other musicians (including hawaiian musician willie k) performing fleetwood mac songs as well as hawaiian music and various other hits. what fun!

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  1. I LOVE Wille K- you know i have his cd!!! Are you home yet?